• It’s Finally Here…Caucus Day In Iowa.

    Today is the day that all the pollsters will either be vindicated or laughed out of the business. Most polls are too close to call. The results are within the margin for error. Polls have notoriously been wrong, especially for the Iowa Caucus, where people tend to wait to the very last minute to decide who to support. Candidates are making a mad dash to the finish line and most will be spending the entire day in Iowa only to face the results tonight.

    Last year, Rick Santorum, staged a come from behind upset of the front-runners. Will that happen again? Both the Republican and Democratic results are too close to predict.

    Here are the Real Clear Politics poll results from the last few days. They lean toward a Trump and Clinton win, but it’s only a lean. Tonight the votes will be counted and the real results will take shape.



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