• WTF: Univ Of Florida Prof Outlaws Words ‘Husband,’ ‘Wife,’ ‘Mom,’ ‘Dad’

    It’s widely known that most University campuses in America are bastions of liberal philosophy. However, it’s still stunning to see the level of politically correct brainwashing some professors stoop too.

    Jennifer Lee, a University of Florida professor, has taken PC BS to a whole new level. In an attempt to be inclusive she has banned words like husband, wife, mom, and dad from her classroom.

    She details her rules out clearly in her class syllabus:

    Use inclusive language. Speak in a way that does not make assumptions about others based on “norms”, stereotypes, or one’s own identity or experience. Using terms like “partner”/”significant other” rather than boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife; or “family” rather than mom or dad, is inclusive of alternative orientations and family structures, and free of stereotypes.

    Let’s try it out.

    For example: You are in class and you want to say. “Hey, I’m going home this weekend to see my mom and dad. I’ve got a ton of laundry to do and I really miss my girlfriend too.”

    Obviously, speaking that horribly would give cause for punishment in our PC world.

    The correct way to speak would be more like this: “Hey, I’m going to the location where I grew into my personal space and see my slightly older genetically similar significants. I’ve got a ton of laundry to do and I really miss partner too.”

    Even comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, has had enough with the political correctness. We’re getting so PC nobody can take a joke anymore.

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