• Meet Hijab Barbie. She’s Hip, She’s Covered, She’ll Blow You Up.

    Meet Hijab-Barbie, aka Hijarbie. She’s the new it girl, she’s cool, she’s got blue eyes, brown eyebrows, and she’s wearing a Hijab.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    What do you get when you cross the feminist nightmare that is the size 4, blonde bombshell made of plastic and teen-aged dreams, Barbie, with Islam?

    Hijarbie of course!

    Haneefah Adam, a 24-year-old woman who lives in Nigeria, is the mini-fashion designer behind the Hijarbie. A couple months ago she opened an Instagram account to create something she identified with a little more than the Barbie of old.

    From The Daily Caller:

    Since first appearing in 1959, Barbie has angered generations of feminists and remained near the epicenter of America’s consciousness.

    Now, the iconic Barbie is the focus of an Instagram account featuring the plastic bombshell clad in various Muslim headscarves and modest — but tight-fitting! — outfits.


    As you can imagine Hijarbie poses a problem for American feminists. They have opposed everything that is Barbie, albeit unsuccessfully, for nearly sixty years. Feminists also, tend to love all things equality and Muslim.

    Do you see the dilemna? Now that Muslim expression is forced upon Barbie, do feminists love it or hate it?

    This could be what it takes to get Barbie invited into the feminist fold.

    Steps to making Barbie palatable to a feminist.

    1  Cover Barbie up with clothes.

    2  Make her indistinguishable from Ken, other than her made up eyes.

    3  Have her find a religion that is utterly oppressive to women.

    No word yet on if Hijarbie will be sold into ISIS slavery or if she has been subjected to the barbarism known as, female circumcision, popular in the Middle East.

    Also, look for new accessories coming this summer. No it’s not a new car. (Duh…Muslim girls aren’t allowed to drive)

    However, it easily converts moderate Hijarbie into Jihadarbie. Radicalize your Hijarbie by simply adding the sexy explosive belt that you can strap around Hijarbie’s waist to blow up a bunch of infidels.

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