• A SECOND AMENDMENT Novel You Won’t Put Down: ‘Mercy Shot’ by S.C. Sherman

    What if someone in the Aurora theatre would have been armed?

    What if a teacher in Newtown had been carrying a concealed weapon?

    At the Riverside Church Massacre…someone was.

    Daily Surge Senior Editor, Steve Sherman, wears many hats. Besides providing cutting edge political commentary and insight, he is a prolific novelist with four books and two short stories to his credit. Known as S.C. Sherman, his most recent novel titled Mercy Shot is a riveting read.

    Here’s what people are saying:

    Nationally Syndicated Radio Host, Steve Deace:

    “A page turner that does a good job of laying out an all-too (sadly) plausible scenario in today’s world of treacherous anti-liberty politics.”

    Outdoorsman, author, and owner of ClashDaily.com and Safari Cigars, all around wild-man, Doug Giles:

    “Mercy Shot is a riveting, modern tale of the twisted and insidious war that’s being waged against our Second Amendment rights. S.C. Sherman does a great job of forecasting in this timely tome of how things could possibly go down. My advice is to a.)Read this book and b.) Buy a stack of guns and ammo, pretty damn quick. Molon Labe.

    Back of the book:

    Josh Sackett never intended to kill anyone. His deep belief in America’s Second Amendment drove him to get his concealed carry permit. His passionate desire to protect his family demanded that he carry a pistol. Over time, it became a habit, almost an afterthought, like carrying a cell phone for most people.

    It was a Sunday like any other. Josh Sackett took his family to the popular Riverside Church, nestled along the banks of the Iowa River. His children were in their Sunday school classes. His wife and older daughter worshipped at his side. Life was sweet. That’s when it happened.

    Gunshots in the lobby tore through the melody and exploded into Josh’s mind. He didn’t think. He reacted the way he’d always hoped he would. Gun in hand, Josh left the sanctuary and came face-to-face with death. Kill or be killed. How would you react? Josh Sackett knows the answer to that question.

    Nine-one-one calls cry out for help. Within minutes, bloody pictures hit the internet. Phones vibrate in the pockets of local and national political figures. The eyes of the nation focus in to view the horror. Like driving by an accident, you don’t want to look, but you do. Blood demands action. The sound of gunfire dissipates as the real gun-fight has only just begun.

    Mercy Shot is ripped straight from the current headlines of today. The national debate rages on with true-to-life media personalities, politicians, and power players of the twenty-four hour news cycle. Josh is a hero to some, a villain to others. His life and future hang in the balance and a court of law.

    Mercy Shot will make you laugh, cry, and shake your head in frustration. It’s a grass-roots story of how national issues impact real lives on a local level. Political powers clash in an epic struggle waged in cyberspace, as well as, the courtroom. The battle is not really about guns, but over the very soul of America.

    Order your copy today on Amazon. All paperback orders are signed by the author. Kindle version available as well.

    S.C. Sherman is available for book signings and speaking events. Visit www.SCSherman.com to learn more or contact [email protected]

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