• MORE PC BS: Civil War Museum Under Attack For Displaying, You Guessed It, Civil War Stuff.

    In the video above you can learn about Confederate William Quantrill and his famous raiders. Try not to get offended.

    In recent news the PC Police were out in full force. You can’t make this stuff up. We are a world adrift in a sea of PC BS.

    Yes, the headline is true. The Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA is taking heat for displaying, that’s right, Civil War stuff.

    The offensive Civil War memorabilia came from the South of course. In an attempt to erase the past and sanitize history the largest concern is the display of William Quantrill’s Colt revolver.

    From Civil War Memory Online:

    “I don’t think the glorification of the heritage of the Confederacy does anybody any good,” said Keith Bentz, a local activist who held a sign at the protest. “We are supposed to all be brothers and sisters. Let’s act like we’re brothers and sisters…Why constantly remind people of color. It’s just wrong.”

    Bentz brought a sign that compared Quantrill to Dylann Roof, who was accused of killing nine churchgoers in Charleston last year. Another protestor’s sign simply said, “An affront to decency.”

    Homer Floyd, former longtime leader of the state’s human relations commission, planned the protest Wednesday night to coincide with the opening of a reception at the museum to celebrate the NRA’s outdoor show. Floyd said he thinks Quantrill was a terrorist and that historical items associated with Quantrill should be handled with sensitivity.

    Alan Kennedy Shaffer, a local attorney and Harrisburg School Board member, showed up in the bitter temperatures Wednesday night to support the effort. He noted the country had made progress recently by taking down Confederate flags, recognizing they can be hurtful. “I think there needs to be a distinction between gawking at a weapon of hate and exploring the context so we can all learn,” he said.

    Is it really a surprise that a Civil War museum would display period weaponry from both sides? Have we slid so far that it’s offensive to see our own history?

    If Quantrill were alive today he would be horrified at the soft tyranny that America is under, especially at the hands of our Oh-So-Sensitive-PC-Police!

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