• OMG: Only FIVE PERCENT Of New Hampshire Dems Say Hillary ‘Honest,’ ‘Trustworthy’


    A new exit poll by Fox News found only 5 percent of New Hampshire Democrats viewed Hillary Clinton as “honest and trustworthy,” while 93 percent of those asked picked her rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

    Perceptions of Clinton on the question of honesty are worse in New Hampshire than they were in Iowa, where 10 percent picked her in an exit poll. Sanders was picked by 83 percent of those asked in Iowa about who is more honest.

    This was from an exit poll that specifically asked how important were the traits of “honesty” and “trustworthy” when picking a presidential candidate.

    And that’s a poll of voters in her own freakin’ party!

    Joe Biden, call your office.

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