• Real Estate Investor Mysteriously Disappears — Family DEMANDS Answers

    In the summer of 2015, Sid Cranston Jr., out of nowhere, vanishes in the blazing-hot Arizona desert.

    Sid wasn’t the kind of person who would just drop everything and leave like that.

    He held dozens of real estate investments in the Kingman, AZ area and he was also engaged to be married to his sweetheart.

    CRIME WATCH DAILY’S Jason Mattera is on the hunt, tracking down one person who may know what happened to Sid — Sid’s business associate and the last known person believed to have seen him alive.

    In Part One of CRIME WATCH DAILY’S report, family and friends recall their last conversation with Sid, and how tough it is to get through the day without knowing exactly what happened him. They also share their suspicions on who is responsible and why.


    In Part Two, Jason Mattera and the CRIME WATCH DAILY team confront the man Sid’s family believes lured him into the desert, then brutally murdered him. The Kingman Police Department won’t name any suspects or people of interest, but a private investigator working the case says that Sid’s business associate actually sold two of Sid’s very distinct rings to a local jeweler — get this now — the day after Sid went missing. This also happens to be the same man is said to be the last person to see Sid alive.


    In Part Three, Al Blanco, the man Sid’s family believed murdered Sid Cranston, tells the cops that the CRIME WATCH DAILY camera crew — wait for it — assaulted him and denied him entry into his home. After reviewing the footage, the police convince Blanco to rescind his allegations… or face penalties for making a false statement to police.

    Chris Cranston, Sid’s brother, had the opportunity to confront Blanco. It was an emotionally heavy moment for Chris, as he came face-to-face with the person he says is responsible for his brother’s disappearance.


    What say you — do you think that Al Blanco murdered Sid and hid his body in the Arizona desert?

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