• SOUTH CAROLINA: Trumpocalypse Wins! Rubio and Cruz Follow

    Donald Trump crushes in South Carolina with a double digit win. Many have thought the Trump candidacy was not to be taken serious. Trump is a non-conventional candidate to say the least. He has a love him or hate him personality. With back to back wins a lot of people love him.

    Nobody should doubt the New York businessman’s candidacy now. The conversation has turned into…can Trump run the table?

    Jeb Bush dropped out after his poor performance. Showing he is a pragmatic man. Carson and Kasich should follow suit immediately, but they may not for unrealistic reasons.

    Marco Rubio is touting his razor thin victory over Ted Cruz in South Carolina to secure second place, which he should, but the real problem facing Rubio or Cruz is the Trumpocalypse they may be facing.

    From the New York Times:

    COLUMBIA, S.C. — Donald J. Trump rolled to a commanding victory in the South Carolina primary on Saturday, solidifying his position as the Republican presidential front-runner after a savage campaign that drove Jeb Bush, the son and brother of presidents, to quit the race.

    Mr. Trump ran ahead of Senators Marco Rubio of Florida and Ted Cruz of Texas, who were locked in a battle for second place. Both have struggled to become the principal alternative to Mr. Trump, a larger-than-life candidate from outside the political system whose nomination would upend the Republican Party.

    With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Mr. Trump had won 32 percent of the vote and led his nearest rivals by about 10 percentage points. He was likely to capture all 50 delegates at stake in the state.

    Mr. Trump has benefited so far from the fractious group of candidates running against him. But the results in South Carolina began to narrow that field to a small and tenacious handful, who may give Mr. Trump a tougher challenge next month in a series of delegate-rich states like Texas, Virginia and Florida.

    Celebrating his triumph before a raucous crowd in Spartanburg, Mr. Trump trumpeted the “incredible movement” his campaign had become and looked ahead to the March contests as a chance to lock up the nomination.

    “Let’s put this thing away and let’s make America great again,” he said.

    Mr. Rubio sought to define the campaign as a contest purely among Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz and himself. “This has become a three-person race, and we will win the nomination,” he told cheering supporters in Columbia.

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