• SUICIDE MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Christie’s Attack On Rubio Helped Trump

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie finished 6th in the New Hampshire primary. Not the numbers he was hoping for. Christie is heading home to ponder the direction of his life, which obviously doesn’t involve becoming President.

    What’s the one thing Christie accomplished in New Hampshire? He bloodied rising star Marco Rubio.

    Christie destroyed him in the first part of the debate and planted seeds of doubt all over New Hampshire and the nation about Rubio. Senator Rubio had been riding high, fresh off his 3rd place in Iowa, that was treated like a win. Rubio seemed set to push out establishment rival Jeb Bush.

    But then, Rubio was beaten by Bush in New Hampshire. Assuring that they both will be heading to South Carolina and fighting a little while longer for the middle ground they both claim.

    However, for all Chris Christie’s charisma and debate prowess, his attack on Rubio seemed to help everyone but himself. By taking the young Senator down a notch, Christie helped Bush, but he helped Trump even more. Rubio was a real threat to Trump. Bush is a threat to no one.

    Christie’s played hardball with the big boys in Jersey for long time. He’s been around the block a few times. He may very well have played the role of the “bouncer” for Trump. Every casino has one, they do the dirty work that needs doing. Somebody had to lay a glove on the young Cuban.

    Christie was just the man for the job and may have secured himself a stint as Attorney General in a Trump Administration.


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