• THEY’RE BACK: Guardian Angels Patrolling Central Park Again Amidst RISING CRIME

    Thanks to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s anti-policing efforts, crime is back on the rise in the Big Apple.

    Particularly, murder jumped nine percent and rape is up by five percent in 2015.

    And while criminal activity in NYC hasn’t spiked yet to the rate it was at in the ’70s and ’80s, Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels isn’t taking any chances.

    His group, famous for their red berets and jackets, is once again patrolling Central Park during the evening and early morning, which he says are dangerous times for tourists and joggers to find themselves in NYC’s iconic park.

    Curtis walked through Central Park with CRIME WATCH DAILY’s Jason Mattera, describing the ‘hot spots’ they target and what protocol is when they apprehend a suspicious character.


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