• HILARIOUS: Democrats May Befriend Koch Brothers To Stop Trump

    They say, politics makes strange bedfellows. That statement would be more true than ever if defeating Donald Trump is the desired goal. Trump has been a pariah. He’s seemingly been immune to gaffes, saying the most outrageous things only to see his popularity rise.

    His second place finish in Iowa has some wondering if he is the “Teflon Don” after all. However, Trump is leading polls by double digits in New Hampshire and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

    The establishment wings of both the Democrat and Republican parties have been pondering how to defeat The Donald. Political pundits have mocked him, ridiculed him, and disregarded him. Trump just laughs and attacks with the vengeance of a High School Senior, on Twitter of course. He is the epitome of the angry American tired of all the politics.

    The Democrats have hated the Koch Brothers for years, but now may find themselves needing an alliance.

    From Vanity Fair:

    Like other members of the Republican elite, the Koch brothers misjudged Donald Trump. They never considered the real estate scion a serious contender, and his politics on taxes, trade, and foreign policy clashed thoroughly with theirs. (Charles Koch noted that Trump’s Muslim registry, for instance, would “destroy our free society.”) Even when Trump, who has known David for years, sought their support—going as far as hiring Corey Lewandowski, a veteran of their advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, as his campaign manager—the Kochs rebuffed him.

    Then Trump turned on them. When the Koch network left Trump off the invite list for an August donor summit attended by five of his G.O.P. rivals, he trolled his opponents on Twitter: “I wish good luck to all of the Republican candidates that traveled to California to beg for money etc. from the Koch Brothers. Puppets?”

    The primary season has just launched into high gear. For Trumps opponents, this is the last best chance to take him out, before it’s too late.

    If Trump actually secures the Republican nomination, what will the Koch’s do? Will they support him?

    What will the Democrats do, besides shriek in terror at the thought of Trump in the White House? Whether the Democrat nominee is Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, if they’re facing The Donald, they might have to climb into bed with the Koch’s.

    Strange bedfellows indeed.

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