• “Uncomfortable” Professor Has Uniformed Cop Removed From Class

    A professor at Darton State College in Georgia had a student removed recently. Why? Because the offending student was a uniformed police officer carrying his service weapon. That is the world we live in. A world where a man who has sworn to protect and serve our citizens is treated like a troublemaker or worse.

    From Fox News:

    A Georgia police officer taking classes in his spare time got an unwanted lesson from a college instructor last week, but now it is the school that is feeling blue – and apologizing.

    The unidentified cop was wearing his uniform and carrying his service gun when the Darton State College instructor reportedly became uncomfortable with his presence, according to WALB-TV. School officials confirmed the police officer was escorted out of the classroom, but did not elaborate.

    Good to see the school officials are at least back pedaling, somewhat. The school released this statement:

    “Darton State College is appreciative for the service of our law enforcement, and welcome them as students on our campus,” Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs Thomas Ormand said in a statement. “We have apologized to the officer for our misunderstanding when he attended class on our campus, and we regret this happened. We have met with the faculty and staff involved to reiterate the Georgia Law and Darton Policy.”

    Has the anti-cop, anti-gun lobby been so successful that the sight of a uniformed officer makes people uncomfortable? Apparently so.

    With all the recent shootings very often on school grounds, you would think students might be comforted knowing that an officer had their backs while they hit the books.

    Keep up the good studying officer and thanks for your service to your community.

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