• University Of Michigan Professor: American Politicians Are The Mirror Image Of ISIS

    ISIS has become synonymous with beheading, raping, slavery, torture, terrorism, and radical Islam. It is usually compared to the deepest and darkest evil the world has ever known, like the Nazi’s or Stalin.

    University of Michigan professor, Juan Cole, feels a bit differently. Recently while giving a lecture on the anti-Muslim sentiments in the West he compared ISIS to American politicians.

    From the  Michigan Daily:

    Touching on terrorist groups in the Middle East, Cole compared their tactics to those of American politicians. Groups like ISIS, Cole said, are “the mirror image of fear-mongering in America.”

    In the good professors own backyard, Detroit, an ISIS supporter was recently arrested plotting to blow up a Christian church. How is that a mirror image of one of our politicians?

    American politicians may be a lot of vile things. They are often corrupt, self-serving, liars. However, I haven’t seen too many of them, Democrat or Republican, put a man in a cage and light him on fire.

    When our politicians fought about gay marriage, a baker got sued. ISIS throws gays off the tops of buildings.

    Our politicians love women. Some of them a little too much. ISIS buys and sells little girls into pedophilia sex slavery.

    The University of Michigan might want to re-think who they have representing them as a history professor.

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