• Violent Attack At General Motors Thwarted By Armed Valet – GM Promptly Fires Valet.

    More often than not, Second Amendment loving citizens who do the right thing find themselves in hot water. The video above describes a man actually charged with manslaughter for killing an armed burglar in his house.

    The story below is the latest in an ongoing saga of good people doing the right thing, only to be punished for their efforts.

    An armed citizen intervened to save the life of a woman being stabbed to death in front of a GM plant in Warren, Michigan. The man was a Valet (Independent Contractor) for GM. He was immediately removed from service and escorted off the property.

    Perhaps, GM would have preferred he let the woman die rather than save her life.

    From Bearing Arms:

    A valet driver who has a CPL intervened and stopped the attack from getting worse. The worker, 32-year-old Didarul Sarder, tells 7 Action News he was escorted off of the property and fired after the incident.

    Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said an African American woman walked into the lobby of the visitor’s area and asked for an employee, another African American woman, by name.

    “That female came down. They spoke a few minutes and then walked outside in front of the lobby,” Fouts told WWJ’s Zahra Huber.

    The women got into some kind of verbal dispute, Fouts said, during which the visitor pulled out a steak knife and violently stabbed the employee several times in the neck, abdomen and back.

    A nearby valet driver, who also has a concealed pistol license, saw what was happening and rushed to the employee’s aid.

    “He pulled the weapon out and stopped the attack from taking place,” said Fouts. “By then, this woman had been stabbed multiple times.”

    The driver held the attacker on the ground at gunpoint as other GM workers called 911. Police quickly arrived on the scene and took the suspect into custody as the employee was rushed to the hospital. She was last reported in critical condition.

    Sarder, 32, was not home when contacted by phone by the Free Press, but his wife, Jakia Sarder, said her husband is a supervisor with the valet service and has worked for the company for almost 10 years.

    She told the Free Press that her husband was told to get off the premises after the incident. Fouts said he also heard the valet service fired Sarder because he violated contract, saying Sarder couldn’t carry a weapon and respond to something like this.

    “in my opinion, if it’s true, the bottom line is he should be given his job back,” the mayor said.  “He clearly saved someone’s life…You outta reward heroism, not terminate it.”

    GM Spokesman Michael Albano said Wednesday afternoon that the neither GM nor the valet service contracted by GM has fired anyone.

    If this gentleman is fired for his heroism, file it under : No good deed goes unpunished. It’s a crazy world. GM should thank him and give him a new ride!

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