• Old, White Bernie Sanders Goes After The Black And Hispanic Vote

    Bernie Sanders is going after all of the Democrats favorite groups. It would seem laughable on any other year. How is an white, old, New Englander, going to get the Black or Latino vote? Usually, he’s not, but Bernie doesn’t seem to care. He’s reaching out to that demographic.

    I guess no one told him that Bill Clinton was actually the first black president and all the black vote belonged solely to Hillary.

    The former head of the NAACP, Ben Jealous, just endorsed Sanders. If Bernie locks up any percentage of the Black or Latino vote it’s over for Hillary. Bernie just isn’t intimidated by the Clinton machine, and that is exciting to Democrats.

    Things are going well the old socialist. He’s leading in New Hampshire by double digits. Last month, Bernie Sanders raised $5 million more than Hillary Clinton. Don’t cry for Hillary. She’s not broke. She’s had a few good speaking gigs and George Soros gave her PAC $6 million.

    Sometimes, all the money in the world can’t make people like you.

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