• Child Protective Services Sought ‘Reunification’ Of Kids With Dad Suspected Of Murdering Mom

    As you’re about to read, there are very few stories that will make you as mad as this one: “Josh Powell, a suspect in his wife’s disappearance, blew himself up with his kids inside his house. Powell’s sister, still haunted by the case, speaks about the case to Crime Watch Daily.”

    Powell’s sister went to extreme measures to investigate her own family to find out the truth about the case.

    Take it away, Jason Mattera:

    Powell murdered his two children, Charles, 7, and Braden, 5, on February 5, 2012.

    The kids’ grandparents told Child Protective Services of Washington State the day before Josh committed this murder-suicide that the agency should discontinue visitation with their dad, especially unsupervised at his house.

    Hell, the guy was the lead suspect in his wife’s disappearance, and presumed murder, after all. And CPS acknowledged this fact in their own court filings regarding the boys’ custody.

    In the very least, shouldn’t the case workers at CPS organized visitation on neutral ground — not Josh’s own house?!

    But CPS, being the inept government agency that it is, did absolutely nothing — betraying the ‘Protective’ in Child ‘Protective’ Services. It sought ‘reunification’ with a father suspected of murdering his wife against the actual safety of children.

    And two young boys were blown to smithereens as a result.

    In Part One of my report, Josh Powell’s sister, Susan Graves, tells me exclusively how she tried to elicit a confession from Josh about his wife’s disappearance by showing up at his house wearing a wire. Imagine that, going undercover to investigate your own family member?



    In Part Two, Charles and Braden’s grandparents open up about how they warned Child Protective Services, over and over again, that Josh was going to harm those two boys. The grandparents had custody at the time and tried to stop CPS, unsuccessfully, from taking the boys over to Josh’s house that deadly day.

    It’s an emotional interview, as you might expect:


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