• CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Trump Supporter catches Thieves Stealing 12 Yard Signs


    Being a Trump supporter can be challenging. With all of his bombastic rhetoric he has created a devoted following of supporters, however he has an equally devoted following of “haters”.

    Some of those haters have taken it upon themselves to actually steal yard signs. Unless of course, the thieves just wanted them for their own yards. Not likely.

    From WTHR Indianapolis:

    A north Indianapolis resident says he’s fed up. Someone has been stealing his Donald Trump yard signs – and so far, he’s on his 13th sign after the first 12 were stolen.

    The man, who did not wish WTHR to use his name or the name of his street due to safety concerns, says he bought two Trump signs at the beginning of March “and showed my support by placing one in my front lawn. That sign was stolen in its first night in my yard.”

    The second sign was stolen, too. All the way up to the 12th one.

    “I’ve since had to place two separate orders of 10 for a total of 20 signs. To date I have had 12 stolen,” he told WTHR.

    He set up surveillance cameras and recorded eight videos of the sign thefts in broad daylight, “and all being committed by grown adults. In some instances it has been neighbors. I have police reports filed and they have caught one of the many sign thieves that have stolen the signs.”

    “Since I’ve had the signs, I have been yelled and cursed at by multiple drivers who have passed me in my front lawn near the trump sign. The insults have ranged from being called a ‘racist’ to being called ‘a disgusting human being,'” he said.

    Did you ever hear of a Romney or McCain sign being stolen? No.

    Not sure it means anything beyond people are so passionate about Mr. Trump that they are willing to break the law.

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