• COSMO VIDEO: Men Break It To Their Girls About Their SECRET GUNS…Awkward

    Cosmopolitan filmed a video that shows four couples where the guy has a secret from his girlfriend and he’s just exposed it.

    The deep dark secret that one guy has kept from his girlfriend for more than a year and half is that they own guns!

    Oh my! Run away in terror!

    It’s actually worse than that. The video is more like watching four Beta Males be stripped down by their Alpha Females. It’s ugly and rather pathetic.

    The video would have been awesome if even one of the boys would have grown a pair and realized that the relationship with these crazy liberal females was going nowhere.

    Real men everywhere would have cheered if even one of these eunuchs would have stood up and said, Buh-bye, see ya, beyotch!

    Instead they meekly whispered things like, the uh…but…the Second Amendment stuff. 

    This is sickening if this is our state of manhood in America…and womanhood for that matter.

    Ladies how would you feel if you were out to eat with your man and a terrorist walks in and starts shooting up the place and all he can do is kneel under the table?

    Wouldn’t you rather live through the incident while your man returns fire and dispatches said psycho? Apparently, these four ladies would prefer to die.

    Here’s more from Cosmopolitan:

    Cosmopolitan.com invited four women to confront their boyfriends about their gun ownership and discuss how they really feel about being in a home with one or more guns. Almost all of the boyfriends believe they have the right to gun ownership under the Second Amendment, but their girlfriends don’t see it that way.

    One of the girlfriends who is so dumb she can’t comprehend that her man doesn’t need a license in Florida, instead mocks him for “not having a license”. This was right after he explained he didn’t need one. The stupid…it hurts! She goes on to call his weapon,

    An extremely powerful death machine.

    Dude! Break up now! Run…don’t walk away from that chick. It doesn’t matter if she’s the hottest thing since sliced bread, you have years of misery ahead of you as she carries your balls in her purse. Break up! Don’t wait!

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