• Barack Obama’s Cuba Speech Was Absolutely Pitiful

    It was bad enough that MC Prez posed for a picture in front of a mural of the communist killer Che Guevara; his speech to Cuba’s brutal regime today was absolutely disgraceful.

    After profusely thanking the Castro brothers for their hospitality, Obama started with this:

    I want to be clear:  The differences between our governments over these many years are real and they are important. I’m sure President Castro would say the same thing — I know, because I’ve heard him address those differences at length. But before I discuss those issues, we also need to recognize how much we share. Because in many ways, the United States and Cuba are like two brothers who’ve been estranged for many years, even as we share the same blood.

    Perhaps that has something to do with — oh, we don’t know — Cuba is run by communist brutes who literally violate every single human right a person possesses?

    Later on:

    But we cannot, and should not, ignore the very real differences that we have — about how we organize our governments, our economies, and our societies. Cuba has a one-party system; the United States is a multi-party democracy. Cuba has a socialist economic model; the United States is an open market. Cuba has emphasized the role and rights of the state; the United States is founded upon the rights of the individual.

    Barry just can’t bring himself to use the word capitalism under a positive context, can he?

    Cuba has an extraordinary resource — a system of education which values every boy and every girl.  And in recent years, the Cuban government has begun to open up to the world, and to open up more space for that talent to thrive. In just a few years, we’ve seen how cuentapropistas can succeed while sustaining a distinctly Cuban spirit. Being self-employed is not about becoming more like America, it’s about being yourself.

    Try speaking out against the regime, and those boys and girls will quickly see how much they’re ‘valued’. In any event, “education” is Cuba’s resource? Who in his right mind really thinks that Cuba is leading the way on education? Who studies abroad in Cuba to acquire an exemplary education? Pure agitprop, right there.

    And here’s Barry’s accepting Cuba’s grievances against America:

    I’ve had frank conversations with President Castro. For many years, he has pointed out the flaws in the American system — economic inequality; the death penalty; racial discrimination; wars abroad. That’s just a sample. He has a much longer list. (Laughter.)  But here’s what the Cuban people need to understand:  I welcome this open debate and dialogue. It’s good. It’s healthy. I’m not afraid of it.

    On and on it went (it was an Obama speech after all!), but you get the point.

    Limp-wristed Obama stooped down to the level a socialist, which was easy to do for him considering he, too, is just as hostile to capitalism as the Raul Castro is. Kindred spirits, those two. Cuba will remain a dictatorship.

    The only thing BHO did with his trip and speech was legitimize it.

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