• Bernie Sanders Is Making Your Kid Chubby


    By Michael Karolchyk

    A month ago Mother nature took a big, wet, nasty and frigid dump on New jersey. I was outside shoveling furiously as the wind assaulted me from all sides when I saw my 13 year old neighbor outside playing in the snow. I asked the testosterone-deficient, pudgy cheeked boy if he wanted to make some extra cash and shovel my driveway.   When I was this slacker’s age I looked at snow as a gift from gods; it wasn’t snowflakes but coins from the sky that would fill my pockets when I would shovel all my neighbor’s driveways.

    The budding socialist said , “What do I need money for?”

    Incredulous, I retorted, “Um, to buy things!”

    The chubby shrugged his shoulders and said, “My mom gets me whatever I want and I have a credit card if I want to buy things.”  Millennials …….. a generation of weak, lazy , spoiled and entitled kids.

    Millions of Americans were shocked two months ago by the Pew study that shows 42 percent of millennials   love and favor socialism.  But why? Have they not spent any time with these helicoptered, weak, no self discipline chubbies (lazy , undisciplined people who make excuses)who seek immediate gratification every second of their shallow life?

    In upper middle class and wealthy neighborhoods you have a better chance of seeing a white unicorn than a teenager WORKING.  There are no neighborhood kids cutting lawns; it’s 30 year old Carlos.  When was the last time you saw a busBOY at one of the restaurants in these neighborhoods and not a 40 year old illegal? When was the last time you actually saw a kid and not an adult delivering the newspapers?   The millennials don’t work and why should they…big brother ( mommy and daddy) gives them a car, gas money , clothes on demand, an IPhone and IPad AND  spending money. Why work at anything when you are given EVERYTHING?  When you talk to teenagers today the thing that is most shocking and scary is that they have no desire to leave their house( do you remember how you couldn’t wait to escape your parent’s home growing up?). Teenagers today DON’T WANT TO LEAVE HOME; because home is the land of free stuff and who wants to leave that?

    Bernie sanders is Mommy and the god of petulant chubbies who want free healthcare, free housing, free healthcare and free pot while they attend their free college.  Obese people get fat because they are lazy, have no self discipline , cannot make sacrifices and have immediate gratification issues. Hard work, sacrifice, sweat and discipline are foreign words to socialists and chubbies. Rugged individualism to these millennials is going to pick up your takeout on your mom’s credit card and not getting it delivered. Getting your body in shape to these Bernie sanders chubbies is getting liposuction as your birthday present.

    “You reap what you sow.” I must have heard that a million times from my grandfather who raised me and never went a full day without telling me how awful the depression was and the horrors of communism and the Soviet Union.  This world owes you nothing Michael, NOTHING! You only get what you EARN! My grandfather told me I was the luckiest guy in the world because in our country you can do anything you want to do or be anything you want to be as long as you worked harder and out produced the next guy.  My grandfather didn’t even know he was the first fat shamer when he would say to me, “ You have to have  hunger in your belly Michael and fear of failure if you are going to ever be successful in life AT ANYTHING.” Do you think any of these chubby Bernie Sanders socialists have been taught this in their helicoptered lives?

    The millennial generation , according to the CDC, has the highest child obesity rate on record. They have the highest prediabetes rate and diabetes two rate as well. Is it any wonder why our public schools now rank the lowest among the developed countries in the world? Benjamin Franklin used to always say a large stomach dulls the mind; Ben would be considered anorexic compared to the gargantuan dolts from    Black Lives Matters and Bernie Sanders  groups.  Have you see the pictures of these squishy socialists? Besides being taught about the first amendment these chubbies need to get on diet and exercise routine.   My question for these chubby socialists is what do you do when you run out of other people’s food?

    Michael Karolchyk

    Michael Karolchyk is currently the CEO of Spartacus Strategies.Spartacus Strategies controls and operates the Personal training, branding and marketing of over 20 health clubs throughout the United States. Michael is the creator of Spartacus Strategies’ patented goddess program which has made more women SEXY goddesses than any other fitness program in the world.

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