• COMMENTARY: Fat-Shaming Is A Fraud, America Is Guilty Of Sexy-Shaming

    “You can’t have Elan on our fresh 102.7 website Michael. The other pictures with the other models (size A cups and pancake butts) are fine but Elan’s look INTIMIDATES and THREATENS many of the listeners and audience.” This was what was told to me by CBS radio; a company I PAY to advertise with me. CBS had actually banned the face of my company (and also my COO) from their website because her tits and booty are too big and her waist too small. They accepted another model of mine; one who has zero boobs and a nonexistent booty.
    I demanded and received a conference call with Mark Rayfield, senior vice president for the New York market for CBS, the number three guy in all of CBS Radio. Mark PERSONALLY was the one who banned Elan’s booty and boobs and whole body from the website. We had sent him a dozen different photos of Elan and he rejected them all. It was clear during our phone call that Mark was perturbed that he was being called out for his sexy shaming. Sexy shaming is the new tactic of the left Politically correct idiots; any woman who is beautiful and well-endowed is hated on and ridiculed by the odious venomous vipers (read Hillary Clinton supporters). Mark and I’s conference call ended with him saying, “I don’t have to give you a reason why Elan cannot be on CBS’s website. The bottom line is I don’t think the image she conveys is appropriate for our audience. I must now go; my driver is here. “ Yes Mark Rayfield, the guy who is not only buddies with Obama but has his picture hanging in his office like a Che portrait, the sexy shamer had to bolt because his limousine was ready.

    Mrs. Trump

    Melania Trump is now being given the same treatment by these venomous vipers and enemies of beauty and excellence. Liz Mair , a British woman attractive as two day old scone, and her super PAC Make America Awesome attacked Melania by showing a modeling picture of Melania ( see picture; she looks amazing!) and obviously implying that she is disqualified as being a first lady BECAUSE SHE IS SUPER SEXY and obviously a shallow bimbo with no substance. Melania Trump speaks five languages fluently and has her own Jewelry and cosmetic lines. She studied Architecture at the university of Ljubljana in Slovenia before becoming a model. Melania Trump’s intellect dwarfs Michelle Obama’s; have you ever tried reading Michelle’s thesis paper filled with flapdoodle and horrific syntax? As far as Beauty goes; Michelle never has to worry about being sexy shamed- especially without the wig.
    Growing up in the 80’s which was the Miami vice era of half shirts, leather miniskirts and short shorts I remember the only bodies that were rightfully shamed were those of the obese. Nobody wanted to see a 200-pound girl wearing painted on Jordache jeans and a half shirt. When you went to the beach you never saw an obese woman wearing a two-piece bathing suit; they always wore the one-piece Orca suit with the appropriate 4xl white tee shirt over it. Now the Hillary cult of ladies from the left wear two pieces even when their weight begins with a 2 in it. Many of these angry leftist Hillary cultists don’t even bother shaving which really puts the cherry on top of this shit Sundae. Why has American’s beauty and excellence standards fallen so drastically? Why is it that women who work out and look like a goddess are CONDEMNED by the bearded ladies of the left? Why is it ok For Lena Dunham and Bruce Jenner and other ugly babes to do “ sexy “ photo shoots and be applauded but if you are hot with an amazing body it is considered evil by the Main Stream Media?

    The greatest example of this Sexy Shaming was found in last month’s Sports illustrated cover. The heinous feminazis finally struck down the male American gospel of sexiness: The Cover of the SI bathing suit issue. Men and boys of all ages spend 364 days a year thinking of what vixen of Venus will be the next cover girl. Millions of boys have cut and taped those covers of Kathy Ireland, elle Macpherson and Christie Brinkley to their wall as their first female icon of beauty and excellence. The fuglys (ugly female liberals) got chubby plus sized Ashley Graham on the cover. When SI puts Shamu on the cover of it’s swimsuit issue you know it is the sign that the apocalypse is on us. For all the chubby Hillary cultists offended by this article: have another muffin to feed your muffin top.

    Michael Karolchyk

    Michael Karolchyk is currently the CEO of Spartacus Strategies.Spartacus Strategies controls and operates the Personal training, branding and marketing of over 20 health clubs throughout the United States. Michael is the creator of Spartacus Strategies’ patented goddess program which has made more women SEXY goddesses than any other fitness program in the world.

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