• IMMIGRATION: There’s More To It Than Just Building A Wall


    One of the hottest issues in Congress is immigration. It seems like we have been debating the same issue for years and that issue has taken away the oxygen from other very important issues.  One issue that seems to get lost in the debate is the immigration related issue of H1B – high tech visas.

    The noise is loud from the tech community that needs high tech workers from other countries, because the Untied States does not produce enough workers educated in computer sciences.  They argue that they expend the allocation of visas as soon as they are issued and they can’t fill some slots, because there are not enough Americans to do these jobs.  The tech community gets bludgeoned during debates by nativist voices.

    On the other side are some reasonable groups and some not so reasonable groups.  The Hill published an excellent piece that talks about some of those not so reasonable groups.

    An odd coalition of conservatives, populists, anti-growth environmental organizations and even liberal population-control groups support changes to the legal immigration system that would shut down all travel to the United States.  Some advocate ending all work visas, whether they are agricultural workers, seasonal migrant employees and high tech visas. Wherever they fall on the political spectrum, they can be defined as nativists.

    The groups that would shut off all immigration, currently legal and guest worker programs, have taken the debate out of the bounds of the kind of discussion you usually hear on Capitol Hill.  Not much talk about eliminating all immigration and shutting off the country to all visitors.  Yet there are some who are advocating for just that solution to the imagined problems that come from modern travel and an integrated first world economy.

    The Hill piece talked about how these people are not really conservatives at all.

    These are not traditional allies of conservatives.  Population control and radical environmentalism as policy has to be implemented by a big and powerful government. There are many voices on the right on immigration and some should be distinguished from the conservative movement, and they should be shunned.

    When you look at the funding of these groups, you will find wealthy individuals who are pushing an extreme policy based on nativism.

    The Los Angeles Times reported on July 25, 2013 that one of the funders of the extreme anti-immigration groups was motivated by a policy goal of rolling back legal immigration and a related support of the idea of population control within the United States.  According to the LA Times, Cordelia Scaife May “had a few cherished passions” and “keeping immigrants out was (one).” According to the story, “May believed nature was under siege from runaway population growth. Before her death in 2005, she devoted much of her wealth to rolling back the tide — backing birth control and curbing immigration, both legal and illegal.”  Her foundation, the Colcom Foundation, donated “more than $76 million over the last decade to groups that now are fighting to block immigration overhaul efforts in Congress.”  That is a staggering amount of money and some were all too eager to work for this cause.

    When in the halls of Capitol Hill, one would have a tough time finding a reputable Senator or Representative who would promote population control or a radical anti-immigration philosophy, yet these same groups seem to hold some sway with the American people and with some conservatives.

    The fact of the matter is that the more people know about the more extreme groups opposing any immigration or high tech visas, the more they will be ignored and not viewed as credible.

    Cloakroom Confidential

    Cloakroom Confidential was a longtime Capitol Hill staffer and insider who has contacts in the House and Senate at the highest levels.

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