• MISSING: North Korea Has LOST A Submarine


    North Korea has actually misplaced an entire submarine. It’s a headline that reads like the Tom Clancy novel, The Hunt For Red October.

    The novel became an immensely entertaining film about a Russian submarine that plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse in an effort to defect to America.

    It doesn’t appear that Kim Jong Un is entertained. His missing sub probably sank of its own failure because the North Korean subs are old and rusted. Otherwise, the wayward sub may have accidentally ventured a little too close to something high tech American or Russian.

    Bye, bye, little sub.

    From the Telegraph:

    American spy satellites, aircraft and ships have been watching as the North Korean navy searched for the missing sub, the report added.

    The US is unsure if the missing vessel is adrift or whether it has sunk, CNN reported, but officials believe it suffered a failure during an exercise.

    The US Naval Institute (USNI) News said the submarine was presumed sunk.

    North Korea’s navy operates a fleet of some 70 submarines, most of them being rusting diesel submarines that are capable of little more than coastal defence and limited offensive capabilities.

    But the old, low-tech submarines still pose substantial threats to South Korean vessels.

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