• OUTRAGEOUS: PC Police Claim A Scalp At University of Kansas


    University of Kansas professor, Andrea Quenette, is on leave. Not really voluntary leave. Her students refused to return to her class.

    What did she do to deserve this treatment? She ventured into forbidden territory reserved only for rappers and black people.

    Mz. Quenette is white and while discussing racism in her class she used the “N” word. She didn’t call anyone the “N” word or disparage anyone, she just said what every rapper on the planet makes a commonplace lyric.

    This crime against the PC Police was too much to bear. She will now pay, perhaps with her career. Why aren’t the students who refused to go to class getting “F”s?

    Details from The Daily Beast:

    The movement to purge all offensive speech from American college campuses has claimed another scalp. Andrea Quenette, an assistant communications professor, was chased out of her own classroom—not because she was a bad teacher, but because her students said she wasn’t agreeing with them quickly enough.

    For months, Quenette has been under investigation by the University of Kansas. She is on academic leave. Her students’ refusal to return to class left her no other choice but to take the semester off.
    The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), which stood up for Quenette’s free speech rights back in November when she was first accused of racial discrimination, is sick of waiting for KU to clear her of wrongdoing.

    “The longer Quenette has to wait for what should be a fundamental affirmation of her rights as a professor, the more deeply speech will be chilled at KU,” FIRE Associate Director Peter Bonilla wrote in an email to The Daily Beast.

    You would think that Quenette must have perpetrated an egregious act of harassment or obvious discrimination to provoke her students to publish an open letter demanding her immediate termination. The letter, written by five of Quenette’s students—some, but not all of them, black—alleges that Quenette violated the university’s policies prohibiting racial discrimination. Images of the professor disparaging minority students, or giving them lower grades, come to mind.

    But Quenette did nothing of the sort. What she did was make the mistake of using the n-word—during a discussion in which she was admitting her own shortcomings about race. She didn’t use the word maliciously: She was, quite literally, checking her privilege. Isn’t that exactly what far-left students want from their classmates, administrators, and professors?

    When will this end? The first amendment has been shredded. When you can be destroyed like this for saying one word in a discussion, we’ve reached the tipping point. Fear will reign when the politically correct rule, because no one is safe from it.

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