• Please NO! Introducing “The MacBook Selfie Stick”


    Descending into levels of vanity heretofore never seen, the MacBook selfie stick is real.

    Is it a good thing remains to be seen. As our selfie crazed world can’t seem to get enough of itself, here is a new way to snap that perfect picture of well, you.

    Millennials, this may sum up your generation.

    From Mashable Tech:

    If you thought taking photos in public with an iPad was embarrassing, you haven’t seen the MacBook Selfie Stick.

    As the name suggests, it’s a selfie stick strong enough to hold a MacBook. But… why?

    The website for the contraption shows artists using the MacBook Selfie Stick around New York City, including in Times Square and Washington Square Park. In some of the photos, you can see passers-by looking confused and bewildered — understandably so.

    The stick itself looks much larger than any standard selfie stick, most likely to make up for the 2-pound Apple laptop. It looks like you need to hold it with two hands, though, removing the convenience of a selfie stick to begin with. Plus, there’s no confirmation that it even takes pictures.

    According to Mashable, these selfie sticks are a form of a performance art, allegedly mocking the smaller selfie sticks.

    Let’s hope so!

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