• Schumer: “Republicans will have hell to pay if we don’t get our nominee.” Oh Really!

    From the time that Harry Reid took over control of the Senate he has ruled through intimidation, and for the most part Republicans have willingly allowed themselves to be manipulated through threats of reprisal from the electorate.  Senator Reid is turning over the rains of the minority leader in the Senate to the Senior Senator from New York Chuck Schumer. It is clear to me that Sen. Schumer has carefully studied the Reid playbook, when again he used intimidation, as the headline of this commentary states, as a tactic to get what he wants, a new Supreme Court Justice.

    The Democrats know that there is at least a possibility that their candidate for President may not be elected and, if true, a Republican President could possibly name between three or four justices to the Supreme Court.  Because of this uncertainty the Democrats will do anything to try and convince the Republicans that it’s in their best interest to select the current President’s nominee for Justice of the Supreme Court.  I find it amazing that Democrats continue to try to provide advice and counsel to Republicans.

    I also find it amazing that many Republicans believe that the Democrats are truly concerned about what could happen to the Republican Party should they make a wrong decision. The constitution is clear under the Advice and Consent rules the president is absolutely free to make a nominee for a court position. The Constitution also stipulates that the Senate has the sole responsibility to confirm the appointment.  Under the current rules 60 votes will be necessary to confirm the appointment as of now the Democrats on their own are 16 votes short.  The question becomes can Chuck Schumer and other Democrats intimidate enough Republicans to one, agreed to the hearing, and second, a vote on the President nominee?

    For the last 7-½ years, Republicans, with a few exceptions, have chosen not to rock the boat. Harry Reid ruled the Senate with an iron fist and prevented most of the legislation passed by the House from ever getting to the floor of the Senate for a vote. The philosophy of the Democrats has been to try and get the Republicans to join them and give up their principles in order to keep peace in Congress and the Democrats in control. We find ourselves today participating in perhaps the most contentious election in the history of our country. Everyday we see more and more examples of anger, frustration, and accusations of racism, sexism, and homophobia from the left and for now the only challenger to these attacks is Donald Trump. Neither of the Democratic candidates has criticized the protest, but in fact they have encouraged it.  Their hope is that all the protest will distract America and have them turn against the outspoken Donald Trump.

    In the past the Democrats have used charges of racism, sexism, war on women, or homophobia as their weapons to intimidate the Republicans into doing what they want to do.  Senator Reid would say, ”If the Republicans can’t support this legislation then they have to be racist.” The Democratic tactics have worked for many decades and Republicans have paid a heavy price. The American electorate seems to have had enough of the shenanigans that are going on in Washington, the vast majority of Americans I believe want to, “throw the bums out,” from both parties.

    The Republicans, as I indicated, have been intimidated by the Democrats and have accomplished very little in the most recent years that they have had control of the House and the Senate but now the American electorate has had enough. Some prognosticators think that the possible nomination of Donald Trump for the position of President is tearing this country apart, or so the Democrats would have you believe. Trump’s popularity is in reaction to the disdain and discuss that the majority of the American electorate have with what has not been happening in Washington DC.

    Now we have an opportunity to see if the great experiment known as America and its document the Constitution will survive. There are Democrats who previously believed that the President, in the last year of a presidential term, should not fill a Supreme Court vacancy.  Vice-President Joe Biden spoke out when he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee when he said,  “the incoming President should make that decision.”  The Democrats changing their position to force the Republicans to vote on the President’s nominee, is a clear example of situational politics and intimidation.

    As was said earlier in this article, the constitution gives the power to the Senate to confirm or deny a presidential appointment to the Supreme Court.  Just because Barack Obama says he wants his nominee to be confirmed, doesn’t mean that the Senate has to give him what he wants, if they truly believe the next president should make that decision. So Mr. Schumer, let me suggest there might be Hell to pay should Republicans walk away from their constitutional responsibility and vote for the President’s nominee.

    Democrats have ruled under both minority or majority in Congress based on intimidation. If our nation is going to survive as a free society, then the Senate must take a stand because the future of this nation is at hand.  We must begin the process where the court gives up its legislative initiative power and stick to its responsibility of interpreting the law.

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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