• Sheriff Told It Would Cost $20 Million, 2 Years For Security Cameras. Does It Herself For $760 In 2 Days.

    Sheriff Laurie Smith of Santa Clara, California was told it would cost $20 million and take 2 years to get security cameras installed. She felt that was unacceptable.

    The common sense sheriff took matters into her own hands. She purchased cameras for $760 and had them installed in 2 days time. This is a beautiful example of our bloated system being disconnected from reality.

    To even slam the point home…a brawl was taped on those cameras just a day after installation.

    From The Daily Mail:

    A sheriff purchased 12 security cameras for the Santa Clara County Main Jail in California, which captured a fight involving 30 inmates the very next day.

    Sheriff Laurie Smith was told it would take more than two years and $20million before the county could install cameras inside the jail.

    After three deputies at the same facility were accused of beating a mentally ill inmate to death in August, Smith took matters into her own hands and charged the $760 to her personal credit card.

    She told CBS: ‘We didn’t want to get hung up in the bureaucracy and the red tape. We wanted cameras in the facilities.’

    On Thursday, a fight broke out in the maximum security region of the jail at about 3.30pm after two inmates bumped into each other.

    The fight, which involved black and Latino inmates, grew to include a total of 30 people, sending the jail into a lock down.

    It is unclear how many people were injured, but several inmates required the attendance of medical staff. None of the injuries were life threatening. The fight was eventually broken up by authorities using pepper spray.

    Smith had requested the installation of security cameras in February, and headed to Costco hoping the security cameras would deter fights and criminal activity. She also hoped the cameras would protect both staff members and inmates.

    Sheriff’s spokesman James Jensen told the LA Times: ‘She felt that [estimate was ridiculous and not practical.’

    After Thursday’s fight, he said: ‘I think it’s going to work out excellent.’

    It’s surprising that the good sheriff wasn’t reprimanded for her good move. Common sense could be making a comeback in America. The taxpayers of Santa Clara can thank the sheriff for saving them $20 million! And the inmates can smile for that camera.

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