• Hillary Loses Her S#!T: Attacks A Greenpeace Activist And The Sanders Campaign

    Hillary Clinton recently lost her cool when asked simple question by a Greenpeace Activist.

    The activist, Eva Resnick-Day, thanked Mrs. Clinton for her commitment to global warming, but then had the nerve to take it to the next level by asking if she’d reject donations from the oil industry in the future.

    Mistake. Big. Mistake.

    Seems like a fair question, since Hillary is willing to constantly demonize the big, bad oil industry. However, the question was not well received.

    Clinton has come under fire for taking money…lots and lots of money from “Big Oil”. According to Greenpeace, Clinton took more than a $1 million and change from the Fossil Fuel Industry.

    Hey…it’s expensive to run a campaign and live like a Queen, uh…I mean a Clinton.

    The details from The Weekly Standard:

    “I am so sick, I am so sick,” Clinton says, shouting and wagging her finger at the activist, “of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I’m sick of it.”

    Greenpeace explained the exchange, “At a Hillary Clinton rally at SUNY Purchase campus today, the presidential candidate lost her patience with a Greenpeace activist who thanked her for her commitment to climate change then asked her whether she’ll reject fossil fuel money moving forward. Pointing her finger at activist Eva Resnick-Day, Clinton claimed she only takes money from people who work for fossil fuel companies and called the accusations lies.”

    The devil is in the details, so they say. Let’s be clear…Secretary Clinton only takes money from the evil, rich, CEO’s or investors who got rich from the evil oil companies…not the oil companies themselves.

    Oh, okay, that makes it all better. Apparently, not for Greenpeace or the Sanders campaign or a lot of liberals.

    Did they all ride bikes to this rally? Cars, buses, and airplanes all take oil to run, not to mention about a million other products, many in use during that interview. Clothes, shoes, make up, hair products, and plastics, just to name a few.

    All of these hypocrites use oil every single day. Oil makes our world go. It’s kind of awesome. Every year cleaner ways to obtain it are discovered as well as, many more wonderful uses for it. That knowledge is lost on most tree-hugging liberals.

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