• College Students Freak Out: KKK On Campus – Turns Out To Be A Priest

    It will be difficult not to disparage the University of Indiana in Bloomington with this story. When you see the “Boogeyman” of racism EVERYWHERE…you find it EVERYWHERE!

    Recently some students freaked out because they thought there was a guy in full KKK Klansman garb simply walking around campus like it was no big deal.

    What do college kids do when they freak out? They turn to Twitter to tell their friends.

    Note the warning tweet below sent by a concerned student.



    Be on the lookout for a KKK guy with a whip…turns out he was a priest and the whip was Rosary beads.

    Maybe the good man of the cloth can pray for these disturbed souls who are in college, but cannot tell the difference between a priest and a grand wizard.

    Details from Red Alert Politics:

    The delusion of widespread racism and culture of politically correctness on college campuses has hit a fever pitch when a priest in a white robe can be mistaken for a Klansman. The Tab reported that college students in Bloomington reported seeing a “KKK member holding a whip” around campus on Monday night.

    One student even claimed that she suspected the Klan descended on campus because Indiana University lost in basketball.
    Students became so alarmed that even dormitory resident assistants started notifying people on their floors to be on the lookout and stay indoors unless they were traveling with a group. The university administration, however, did not join in the conspiracy and issue a safety alert.

    Thank goodness the administration had enough sense to nip it in the bud.

    To help with the confusion this tweet was sent out by the Dominican Friars to help the delusional college kids finding racism everywhere.

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