• Does Bill Clinton Love White Powder, More Than He Loves Black People?

     A Commentary by Michael Karolchyk:

    I have lived quite an “adventurous “life. Dating and living with playmates and porn stars really exposes you to some nefarious items and long nights.  Living in LA and southern California and training multiple NFL gladiators of the arena exposed me to more decadence then an episode of Spartacus. I have partied and raged with politicians, CEO’s of fortune five hundred companies, pastors, actors, actresses and NFL and NBA players.

    Almost all of them are seen by their friends, business associates and media as pious and pure good folk. If only people knew that the “respected pillar of the community” usually is the guy doing lines of cocaine off the 21-year-old bimbo’s breasts in the locked bathroom of some hotel suite at four in the morning.  For full disclosure, I have absolutely no problem with any man doing lines of blow off a sexy woman’s butt or breasts.  I just wouldn’t recommend doing it off a fat woman’s body; obese people and stimulants are a lethal mix! I am a fierce libertarian who believes strongly that the government needs to stay away from my guns, weapons, bedroom and telling me what drugs they approve of me taking.  I am also a fierce critic of surface dwellers who preach morality then act like Caligula.

    Bill Clinton is the modern day version of Pope Borgia:  a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    Sally Miller is another Former lover of Bill Clinton which means Bill has had more former lovers than Marco Rubio has delegates for the convention. What grabbed my attention and the rest of the country is how Sally meticulously explained how Bill would come over to her home and do lines of blow on her coffee table. Miller said after Bill did his nose candy that they would have sex THEN they would play the piano and saxophone together! I must give credit where credit is due; Bill is a baller (no pun intended).

    I have friends who have told me similar stories about Bill. I also must tell you that I met him in 2008. One of my close female friends who Bill has tried to get in the sack for ten years introduced us and the guy really does have swag.  Everyone in the world knows Hillary and him are not married. They stay in different hotels when they are in the same city. They cannot divorce because it would mean destroying the brand and breaking up the empire. Bill can bang all the babes he wants and do all the drugs his nose can handle (he evidently had sinus surgery multiple times because of all the blow). I have no issues with any of that as a libertarian. What is putrid and truly evil is that Bill Clinton escalated the war on drugs more than any other politician in history.

    Cocaine Clinton presided over the largest increase in federal and state inmates of any president. Reread that!

    Cocaine Clinton passed the three strikes laws in his infamous Crime bill in 1994 that created dozens of federal capital crimes and mandated life sentences for people busted with drugs three times. He gave over 45 billion dollars to create more police forces to arrest citizens for doing what he did every Saturday night and more prisons to incarcerate those people doing what he liked to do when he saw a coffee table or a model in a bathroom of a hotel.

    When Cocaine Clinton left office in 2000, the United states had more people in cages than any other country in the world. We had a higher incarceration rate than even Burma. Worse than Russian and China!!

    Cocaine Clinton though wasn’t done with the babes, blow and being the world ‘s biggest Hypocrite. In his 1996 Welfare Reform bill the Clinton administration eliminated Pell grants for prisoners seeking higher education to prepare for their release. Cocaine Clinton also got federal financial aid eradicated to kids with drug convictions. Blowing Billy also signed legislation imposing a lifetime ban on welfare and food stamps for anyone convicted of a felony drug offense. The last thing Cocaine Clinton did (probably between bumps on some blonde’s breasts) was pass laws to make it easier for public-housing agencies to deny shelter to anyone with any sort of criminal history.

    Bill Clinton passed laws to put drug users away for life, built more prisons to house the millions of people who did what he did nightly sans the saxophone and then created legislation to deny them benefits, housing and loans FOR LIFE. Cocaine Clinton makes Sheriff Joe look like a wimp with draconian laws like that! However, Sheriff Joe doesn’t bang multiple hot girls while doing blow on coffee tables.  Well, I shouldn’t say that because every time I hear “respected pillar of the community” I hear that guy’s nasal drip.

    Michael Karolchyk

    Michael Karolchyk is currently the CEO of Spartacus Strategies.Spartacus Strategies controls and operates the Personal training, branding and marketing of over 20 health clubs throughout the United States. Michael is the creator of Spartacus Strategies’ patented goddess program which has made more women SEXY goddesses than any other fitness program in the world.

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