• Obama’s Lame Duck Tour – Just Lame

    Commentary by Dan Perkins:

    The President’s farewell tour hasn’t been much of a tour, the Castro brothers didn’t meet him at the airport, nobody from the royal family in Saudi Arabia met him at the airport, and when he arrived in London he was greeted with, “Butt Out”.  He still has Germany, which should be fun, and finally Japan to look forward to, where he will apologize for the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.

    It’s clear to me that several of the nations on the President’s farewell tour didn’t really want him there.  Who could forget the fact that neither of the Castro brothers met the President when he landed in Havana, after 80 some years since a President of United States had visited the island nation!  Not to be outdone, when he arrived in Saudi Arabia, nobody from the royal family met him at the airport. Upon his arrival in London some the leaders of Britain didn’t appreciate the American President lecturing the British people and government on their need to stay in the European Union, they basically told Obama to “Butt Out.”

    I believe the President thinks he knows what’s best for other nations of the world and before he leaves office he wants to make sure that they try to do everything he wants them to do. After his visit to Cuba, Fidel wrote a 1500 word letter that was published in the local newspaper criticizing and chastising the President saying he was young and inexperienced, and didn’t know the ways of the world.

    I have no doubt that when he got to Saudi Arabia his mission was to explain to the Saudis why his idea of joint power in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia and Iran was something that they should agree to because he, the President, said so. When he got to London he decided to impose his will on the British people by telling them if they voted against remaining in the EU, Britain would have to take a backseat to any trade deals with United States.  He said, ”It’s more important to get the big deals” so to him a trade deal with the EU is more important to the United States than a deal with England.

    Some of the common folk and their leaders are opposed to staying in the EU because they feel they give up so much of the control of their country to the European Parliament. They thought the President was out of bounds in trying to influence the vote in the June election.  They said they don’t tell America how to run its country, what gives the President the right to tell the English how to run theirs. The President’s next stop is in Germany and if I were to guess a lot of the German people are probably upset with the President and his support of the Syrian refugees.

    Sometime between now and the end of his Presidency he will go to Japan.  He has said he wants to visit Hiroshima; my guess is he wants to apologize for the United States dropping the nuclear bombs on the two Japanese cities.  According to the President, the bombings were an example of American imperialism that didn’t need to be done.

    Why does a lame duck President go on a world tour to tell the rest of the world what he thinks the world should do?  If I was the President, and nobody was at the airport to greet me from the government that I was visiting, I’m trying to figure out why I should stay? If they believed what I said before I arrived, then I think they would want to greet me at the airport, obviously the countries’ leaders that have refused to meet the President are not really interested in what he has to say.

    Is it possible that members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee, who in the fall of 2015 publicly, raised the question that perhaps it was a mistake to give Obama the peace prize so early in his first term?  Were they correct?  Were they raising the question that perhaps he should not have received prize at all?  Is it possible the destabilization of the Middle East and the subsequent carnage that has been taking place, during his almost 8 years as President, led them to believe they made a mistake?  Perhaps Mr. President, the best thing that you can do for the remainder of your Presidency is to stay in America.  Maybe Hillary wants you on the campaign trail, then again maybe not.

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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