• Teacher Arrested Carrying Concealed In NEWTOWN, CT School

    His name is Jason Adams. He is a man who apparently loves his middle school kids. He is a teacher who works in Newtown, Connecticut, made famous for one of the worst school shootings ever.

    My guess is Mr. Adams decided carrying a gun illegally to protect his kids from a copycat massacre was worth the risk of jail.

    After what happened there…can you blame him?

    Making schools “Gun Free” simply invites crazy individuals to attack schools. Arming yourself…in a school or not…should be guaranteed by our Second Amendment, but in most places it’s not.


    According to Bearing Arms:

    A middle school science teacher in Newtown, Connecticut, was arrested this morning after another teacher spotted him carrying a handgun on school property and reported him to the school resource officer.

    The teacher had a concealed carry permit, but state law makes it illegal to carry a gun on school campuses.

    I think we all recall how effective that law was in December of 2012 at an elementary school in the very same town.

    The teacher, Jason Adams, was briefly detained, charged with a concealed weapons violation, released on his own recognizance, and placed on administrative leave. Clearly, the police know he was not a threat to the students and staff.

    If you’re not willing to arm a security guard on school campuses, teachers should be allowed to legally carry on school property. If that kind of common sense was actually legal…there would a lot fewer school shootings.

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