• Trump In A Landslide – Wins All Five States

    Can we finally say, It’s Over?

    Trump will be the nominee.

    Yesterday, the New York tycoon swept all five states that were up for grabs despite alliances between Cruz and Kasich to take him down.

    The delegates add up for Mr. Trump and no one else. Trump has 950 with Cruz following with 560.

    Yesterday, Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated from the race. However, like Kasich, he will not drop out. The contested convention is the goal for everyone not named Trump.

    From the Gateway Pundit:

    On April 2nd we predicted that Donald Trump would have 953 delegates as of today (needing only 284 delegates for the nomination) and that Cruz would have 550 delegates as of today (needing 687 to win the nomination).

    We also predicted that only 634 delegates would remain and therefore Cruz would need more delegates than would be available.

    Ted Cruz is eliminated.
    It is clear that Cruz was eliminated tonight.
    It is not clear yet on how devastating the final numbers will be for Ted Cruz.

    After winning all five primaries tonight —  Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania — Donald Trump has 950 delegates so far.

    Ted Cruz finished third in Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island.

    It’s over.

    Turn off the lights on your way out. Forget about the contested election. If you don’t like Donald, it might be time to get used to the idea, because mathematically he’s the guy.

    The GOP is definitely shaking to the core. The Democrats are likely licking their chops to face Trump, imagining all of his scandals they can use against him.

    They should be careful what they wish for.

    This is going to be nothing short of…entertaining. Good for the country? Who knows, but entertaining, to be sure.

    Grab the popcorn, this will be quite a show.

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