• Commentary: Liberals Are Really A Bunch Of Girls

    This past week one of my accountability experts, Pete, at one of my gym’s decided to start a beach body class that consists of a combination of calisthenics, free weights, squirt guns and bikinis. Pete was instructing the total body workout class without a shirt on and he made a flyer that let women know that it was $8 dollars if you wore normal gym attire and only $3 if you wore a bikini. The flyer also said, ” Get ready for the beach this summer! No Chubbies! Do not come if you love Political correctness and are no fun.”

    Now the overwhelming majority of the gym and ladies thought the flyer was both comical and entertaining. However, there were a few disgruntled and angry liberals who could not handle any strong man putting out such a statement. One deranged and emotional 21 year old who is an intern at Telemundo demanded she be given a free month at the gym for her suffering from this flyer because , “Political correctness is a good thing and it is championed at Columbia University where I attend school for journalism. ”

    When I told her the Political Correctness was created by Lenin then mastered by Stalin to silence and murder millions of my Russian brethren she replied, “ARE YOU GOING TO CALL ME A SPIC at this class?” I told her no one would call her anything because she couldn’t do the class unless she was fun and wasn’t PC. The Columbia University and Telemundo intern then left the gym crying.

    The Second ” Victim” approached me the next day and demanded that I fire Pete. She said that ” No chubbies ” was an nasty and vicious attack on innocent people. It was like we were talking about Pearl Harbor, Stalingrad or Hiroshima not a phrase advocating people to not be obese. I asked her if she was so upset and disturbed by ‘No chubbies’ if she would want me to put up a flyer advocating ‘ Yes Chubbies’? Perhaps she would enjoy , “Yes obesity, Yes Sleep Apnea and yes Diabetes two.”

    This poor little liberal lady, who had a Hillary 2016 pin on her pink ball cap, then instructed me that her son had diabetes but diabetes is not from being overweight. I guess they didn’t teach her at her liberal college that diabetes two and many cases of breast cancer are directly related to stuffing your face too much and doing too little exercise. The Victim then informed me as she left my office that she had started a petition to fire Pete with ten other large liberals who all believe Donald Trump supporters should be sent to reeducation camps and sensitivity training.

    All around the country colleges and universities are establishing free speech zones on campus. The colleges are attempting to restrict student’s free speech to certain times and places, most notably in free speech zones- areas on campus specifically designated for demonstrations or protests. Administrators view the zones as a way to allow a space to where students know they can freely express their opinions without disrupting classroom environments or other students. How is this American ? It isn’t! How is this even legal? It isn’t!

    So far six colleges have been sued for these Stalinist free speech zones and all six cases have ended with huge verdicts for the plaintiffs. Now because of these lawsuits state legislators are banning these PC zones to avoid future punitive rewards to citizens daring to exercise their first amendment rights. Both Virginia and Missouri enacted bans on free speech zones. Multiple states have similar bans going through the system despite some loony left ladies attempts to keep them. Why do I keep singling

    out women on this topic? When we were young we boys always would tease other boys who were overly sensitive and hysterical of being ” a girl.” Real men don’t cry, tremble and hyperventilate when they see ” No chubbies” or ” Donald Trump” scribbled with chalk on a sidewalk. If you know a guy who does he must either be the former Olympian on the Wheaties box or a man with an abundance of Estrogen.

    How absurd are these wimpy and sensitive Millennials with these free speech zones and being offended by any speech they don’t agree with? Former liberal favorite Mayor Bloomberg of New York even has criticized how silly and girly these kids are. During his commencement speech at the University of Michigan Bloomberg said, ” The fact that university boards and administrators now bow to pressure and shield students from these ideas through ‘safe spaces’, ‘ code words’ and ‘ trigger warnings’ is a terrible mistake.The whole purpose of college and life is to learn how to deal with difficult situations- not run away from them.

    A microaggression is exactly that: micro.One of the most dangerous places on a college campus is a safe space because it creates the false impression that we can insulate ourselves from those who hold different views. In the global economy, and in a democratic society, an open mind is the most valuable asset you can possess. ”

    The mayor was booed off the stage as liberal ladies and girly men hurled epithets at him for this brazen protection of the first amendment. I bet those same millennials would hate Pete’s flyer and also my ” No chubbies” shirt. I bet they too would be just like the leftist ladies of my gym who think Political Correctness, Mao, Stalin , Lenin, Diabetes, obesity are wonderful and fabulous yet free speech, fun bikinis, tolerance and sexiness are hideous and odious vices to be banned and outlawed forever. It just goes back to the sandbox; there comes a time when you have to stop acting like a girl and liberal and just man up.

    Michael Karolchyk

    Michael Karolchyk is currently the CEO of Spartacus Strategies.Spartacus Strategies controls and operates the Personal training, branding and marketing of over 20 health clubs throughout the United States. Michael is the creator of Spartacus Strategies’ patented goddess program which has made more women SEXY goddesses than any other fitness program in the world.

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