• Jack Hanna: Human Life vs. Animal Life – Cincy Zoo Made The Right Call


    World renowned zoologist Jack Hanna explains the Cincinnati Zoo catastrophe in simple terms.

    Human life versus animal life. Pull the trigger. If anyone would know the truth about the behavior of a gorilla, it would be a guy like Jack Hanna.

    Listen to his statements. That silver-back was agitated and with a flick of his hand that boy would be dead.

    It’s that simple folks.

    Human life vs. animal life.

    Human life is more valuable.

    You can argue about wall heights in zoos or bad parenting all day long, but the fact is the Cincy zoo did the right thing. End of story.

    Would the liberals or animal rights people like this story better if the child had his head bashed in?

    Because if the zoo officials had waited much longer that is what this story would be…and the gorilla would still be dead.

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