• NOT A HATE CRIME: Black Man Who Claims White Assault…Video Proves He Lied


    Iowa City, Iowa is home to the University of Iowa. Like any campus town there are a lot of bars and late night activities that keep local law enforcement busy.

    On May 1st, black UI student Marcus Owens alledged he was beaten by three whites in an apparent “Hate Crime”.

    Police scoured the city for the perpetrators and the nation was in an uproar.

    Then video footage came to light that showed Owens to be a complete liar.

    From Conservative Tribune:

    “What happened involved Owens — fueled by alcohol — engaging in or instigating three separate fights early May 1,” reported The (Cedar Rapids) Gazette.

    The paper added that Owens was seen on surveillance camera “acting aggressively, shoving and pushing and yelling” in all three incidences.

    “We very quickly learned through video evidence that the events as reported by Marcus just did not happen,” Iowa City Police Department Capt. Troy Kelsay said Tuesday at a news briefing. “Marcus was not even present yet at the bar at the time he reported he was assaulted.”

    The student-turned-racial-grievance-monger basically wasted the police department’s time, the university’s time and the city’s time. He also created outrage over something that never even happened.

    One might think that the Iowa City police would therefore arrest him for filing a false report, but one would be wrong. The police instead intend to let Owens off the hook, because the community needs to heal and “has realsocial justice issues needing attention,” according to The Gazette.

    “There were many things that probably played into why Marcus came up with this story and maybe eventually felt painted into a corner on this,” the city’s police captain also said, as if trying to excuse the little twerp’s abysmal behavior.

    Moreover, though the story wound up being nothing but a lie, the University of Iowa announced plans to launch a “Bias Assessment and Response Team.”

    How many of these “Hate Crimes” are actually just drunk people being stupid?

    How many lives are ruined and time wasted labeling poor behavior racially motivated?

    The fact that Owens is not going to be punished for this lie that is a crime in itself and the University is creating a Bias Response Team is more proof how far off the tracks of reality we are.

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