• NYC Mayor DeBlasio Wants $2 Million For Deer Vasectomies

    As if we needed any more proof that the Mayor of New York City, Bill DeBlasio is certifiable, this takes the cake.

    In a move that can only called “state sponsored” birth control, DeBlasio has proposed spending $2 million to capture and give vasectomies to the Whitetailed Deer found on Staten Island.

    Don’t even entertain this idea. Even if you are an anti-hunter this is pure folly if you know anything about male deer.

    Let’s just say they blow $2 mill and successfully “capture and cut” 75% of the bucks. What do you think those remaining 25% are going to do?

    You guessed it. Get busy.

    The remaining bucks with balls will work overtime and impregnate every doe around. Anyone with a brain and any knowledge about population control of any species knows…that to control a population you have to control the females.

    The number of females of birthing age determines the number of babies. Duh!

    From American Hunter:

    As the most populous city in America, it might not shock you to hear talk of government-sponsored birth control in New York City, but I was surprised when I heard it being discussed last week in relation to controlling whitetail deer. If an idea is ridiculously impractical or ill-advised, then it makes no sense. So now you have my take on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to launch a $2 million deer-vasectomy campaign to control Staten Island’s excessive deer populations. (Perhaps this is why de Blasio’s job-approval rating sank this week to its lowest point since taking office.) Doesn’t he know that American hunters would cull the herd for free—and share the meat with family and friends and, as is often the case, with those less fortunate through Hunters for the Hungry programs?

    The timing of de Blasio’s plan is ironic considering I was just in NYC for the live “Hunters Conserve Wildlife” debate on May 4 when two different audience members asked why birth control can’t be used across America instead of hunting. Even the two anti-hunters arguing against the fact that hunters conserve wildlife had no feasible answer. After the debate, I was approached by an event security guard from Staten Island who wanted to talk about how it is overrun with deer and that hunters are the solution to the problem. But it seems the mayor prefers to conduct a three-year experiment to capture bucks using air-drooped nets and tranquilizer darts and give them all vasectomies.

    Reports indicate Staten Island had two dozen deer in 2008 and more than 700 in 2014 so imagine how many more inhabit the island in 2016. As noted by the Staten Island Advance, “the city would be nuts” to try and sterilize every buck. Bernd Blossey, an ecologist at Cornell University, emphasized, “It’s difficult for me to come up with all the reasons why this is a really stupid plan.”

    This proposal is so far outside of the realm of common sense, the state of New York should move to impeach DeBlasio immediately. Words like moron and idiot come to mind when thinking about how a proposal like this gets this far.

    The chance of success for giving male deer vasectomies and actually controlling the deer population? ZERO.

    Maybe after failing miserably NYC will import some hunters to thin the herd safely and humanely.

    The meat can be given to the poor. Many other states and cities have done it.

    NYC just can’t bear the thought that to control the deer population you have to kill Bambi’s mom and all her girlfriends.

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