• For Real! It’s NAKED Gardening Day

    Tired of arguing about politics? Like to be naked? Like to garden?

    Then it is your lucky day!

    Take off those duds and go plant some seed. Or weed that overgrown bush.

    Sorry, couldn’t resist, this is too funny. Who makes days like these up?

    According to Polytunnel Gardening May 7th is World Naked Gardening Day:

    Happy World Naked Gardening Day everyone. Go out there on Saturday 7th May, and get your ‘Adam and Eve’ on.

    The idea is that we should all venture out and, unfettered by our usual battered jackets, ancient jeans and leather jerkins, garden in the buff.

    This is not an unprecedented idea as the first gardeners, Adam and Eve, also gardened without clothing until forced to start cobbling aprons together with fig leaves.

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