From the mouths of babes. Hillary tells it like it is when she is behind closed doors. Secret audio has laid her intentions bare.

    She intends to overturn the Supreme Court in any way she can on the Second Amendment.

    She is saying it bluntly:

    The Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment.

    Clinton goes on to vow her willingness to take guns from Americans in any way she can.

    From American Military News:

    Hillary is known to be very anti-gun and wants to dismantle the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Clinton has flip flopped on the issue of gun control since her last campaign against Barack Obama. In 2008, she was in favor of having different gun control laws for different regions. “What might work in New York City is certainly not going to work in Montana,” she said.

    Now, Clinton is looking for a more blanket approach to gun control by having the whole country abide to similar strict gun control laws.

    It’s no secret that Hillary is no friend  tothe gun loving people of America, but this shows the true depth of her desire to disarm citizens.

    This audio also highlights the importance of this election. The next president will determine the balance of power on the Supreme Court for a decade by nominating at least two justices.

    Listen to Hillary’s own words. If you love your guns, think about the damage of a President Hillary Clinton.

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