• Trump Wins! BUT The Real Story Is…So Did BERNIE

    Donald Trump met expectations and polling and handily defeated Ted Cruz in Indiana. This devastating blow was enough for the Cruz campaign to call it a day and suspend their bid for the nomination.

    But the most interesting news of the night is that the person who did not meet expectations was Hillary Clinton.

    In fact, she was polling to win in Indiana, but instead she was defeated by Bernie Sanders.

    Hillary is definitely feeling the Bern now. He is the thorn in her side that won’t go away.

    Does anyone think he will actually be the Democrat nominee?

    Apparently, enough people in Indiana are not interested in the heir apparent to the throne of Obama to vote for Bernie instead of Hillary.

    Some believe that if Bernie were to drop out many of his supporters would go for Trump rather than Hillary

    That might mean that Trump can count on Indiana in his win column in November.

    From The Indy Star:

    Bernie Sanders scored a meaningful victory Tuesday in Indiana’s primary, narrowly defeating Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in an election dynamic defined by the loss of manufacturing jobs in the state.

    While Sanders bested Clinton, her wide delegate lead indicates she is still the favorite to win the Democratic nomination. But Sanders remained defiant Tuesday and told supporters the win in Indiana helped him gain “the momentum that we need to take us to the finish line.”

    In Indiana, Sanders faced a critical challenge where he needed to muster enough Hoosier support to justify continuing his campaign through to the Democratic National Convention.

    Also, more bad news for Bernie. His win in Indiana actually means his situation with delegates got worse. Talk about a system feeling rigged.

    A guy pulls out a great win over the powerful opponent he’s trying unseat from her throne of democrat hierarchy only to be continually defeated by the system. The democrats are now more likely to have the convention battle and party split that until Cruz dropping out it looked the republicans were going to have.

    From The Washington Post:

    Despite Sanders’s win, and despite slightly narrowing the delegate gap with Clinton, Sanders’s position for winning the nomination actually got worse. He needed, by our estimates, to win 64.9 percent of the delegates to stay on track to pass Hillary Clinton.

    He’ll end up getting somewhere around 53 percent of them, if current figures hold. Meaning that he’ll need even more of what remains in order to possibly pass Clinton’s pledged delegate total — demonstrating again why doing so is a nearly impossible feat.

    (The Indiana results also made it impossible for Sanders to clinch the nomination with pledged delegates.)

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