• Brave Journalist Who Fired An AR-15 Honored By Continuous Memes

    Remember that brave journalist, Gersh Kuntzman?

    He risked his life to fire an AR-15 in an attempt to see what it was like. His harrowing ordeal and the epic response are now being immortalized in the only way we know how in 2016…a parade of memes!

    And they are awesome

    From Duffelblog.com:

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – A journalist from the New York Daily News has been awarded the National Defense Service Medal in recognition of his honorable service during a time of crisis, a Pentagon spokesperson announced today.

    The recipient will also be eligible to receive disability compensation from the Department of Veterans Affairs within the next decade.

    Gersh Kuntzman, a veteran journalist of 30 years, put down the pen to take up the sword on Wednesday, traveling from New York to Philadelphia to experience the thrill of firing a military-grade weapon similar to the one used in the Orlando terror attack.

    Kuntzman’s battle-weary, critically-acclaimed memoir, “What is it like to fire an AR-15? It’s horrifying, menacing and very, very loud,” quickly gained widespread acclaim, including the notice of many active-duty service members, who lauded his steadfast heroics.

    “We here in the Department of Defense are in awe of Mr. Kuntzman’s martial prowess and noble sacrifice to this nation,” said Lt. Col. Patricia Green, a Pentagon spokesperson. “Shooting an AR-15 is exactly the same as being in combat, as evidenced by Mr. Kuntzman’s self-diagnosed PTSD.”

    Gersh Kuntzman…Thank you for being such panzy! You are a gift that keeps on giving and all that is wrong with the world!

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