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    The Cycle of Poverty

    Author of ROGUE MISSION

    The greatness of the United States is built on a culture of hard work, individualism, vision, perseverance, and success. Those elements of capitalism form the basis of what we proudly call the American Dream, where anyone from any background can pursue his or her aspirations and accomplish wonderful things. Part of this ethos is the belief that our children will do even better than we did, that the next generation will go even further and achieve even more.

    Why then do people like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren preach the virtues of a welfare state and pander to the desperation of the poor when the damage they’re doing is so astonishing? Decade after decade, government handouts become more abundant, dooming more and more people to live without goals, stripping them of the incentive to rise above their surroundings and leaving them without the satisfaction of improving themselves, their families, or their circumstances. Worse than that, Clinton and her ilk are also condemning the children of these people to the same fate.

    Socialism does not work, it has been proved again and again. So why do these liberals persist in advocating for such a system? The answer is obvious—plain, unremitting selfishness. In an effort to ensure their election to office, they dole out money, attempting to buy the loyalty of those less fortunate, who are then left to raise their children in the same poverty they know, the same poverty their own parents knew, and so it goes on.

    Where, then, do we find the means for change? By increasing benefits? By keeping the disadvantaged trapped in this cycle of poverty? No!

    It’s time, America, to end the cycle of poverty. Time for inspired leadership. The answer is in the children, as it is for any great society. We must reach the hearts and minds of those parents on welfare, those out of work, those who live on the fringes of government support. We must persuade them that they represent the only true hope for their own sons and daughters. That education and hard work will build the path to success and achievement and affluence and happiness. That is the message we have to get out there—that change really is possible, but not if it is given to you, only if you work for it. They need to see that their children really can do better. That they can throw off the shackles of welfare imprisonment that too many generations have already suffered from and accomplish great things. That they can pursue the American Dream.

    Our children deserve nothing less.

    Jeffrey Stephens

    Jeffrey S. Stephens, is author of Rogue Mission: A Jordan Sandor Thriller. Jeffrey Stephens was born in New York City and graduated from the Bronx High School of Science at the age of 16; he completed a B.A. in Creative Writing from Pennsylvania State University at 19. Jeffrey began his first novel in 1970, which would not be completed for several years as he entered the Fordham University School of Law. His private legal practice has included extensive civil and criminal courtroom experience, and he has represented a wide range of celebrity clients. Continuing to practice law while completing several novels, he only recently decided to pursue his career as a novelist in earnest, with the encouragement of his wife, Nancy.

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