• COMMENTARY: Muslim Terrorist And Dem Apologists Blow Up Hillary’s Shot At Presidency

    This weekend in Orlando a cowardly Muslim terrorist shot and killed 49 unarmed Americans in a nightclub. Any American with half a brain knows there is only one culprit: Islam. However, no one has ever accused liberals of having any brains let alone half of one. Many liberals blamed the terrorism on the horrible economy in Syria or assault weapons!  I guess they never heard of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai or Paris where all guns are banned let alone assault weapons. Then the Huffington Post, Think Progress and Planned Parenthood had a typical liberal reason for the bloodshed: toxic masculinity is what killed these 49 Americans.

    Liberal, feminist Hillary Clinton fans and drones classify Toxic masculinity as a specific model of manhood, geared towards dominance and control. They believe it is a “manhood that views women and LGBT people as inferior, sees sex as an act not of affection but domination, and which valorizes violence as the way to prove one’s self to the world.”  Doesn’t that describe almost every Muslim man? Have they not visited Saudi Arabia or any Middle Eastern country? Have these liberals ever heard of the Taliban? Do they think ISIS sex slaves is a lingerie line? Surely they know that for fun and giggles on Friday nights ISIS tosses innocent homosexuals of rooftops to their death? Do liberals really believe that women and homosexuals have equal rights in Arab countries?

    Hilary Clinton and her fascist feminist supporters who reek  with their  moral equivalency flapdoodle  love to say all religions are bad and refuse to acknowledge that Islam and it’s Muslim spawn  is at war with not only the West but also Hinduists and Buddhists!  What kind of violent  sickos fight and war with Buddhists?  The majority of Muslims across the world want Israel wiped off the face of the earth and all the Jewish people for that matter. I don’t know of any Christian groups waging war with Buddhists and Hinduists , throwing gay people off roofs and planning to nuke Israel. Do you?

    Pamela Geller has pointed out numerous times that almost 65 percent of Muslims around the world polled in the famous Pew poll( which polled millions of Muslims around the world in the most thorough poll and study  ever published on this subject) want Sharia law to be the law of the land. 35 % of those Muslims polled want to force it upon everyone.  Geller points out these findings clearly demonstrate that Islam is not being perverted by a few extremists but that radical views are held by the majority of Muslims. More than half the Muslims across the world in the poll favor cutting off the hands of thieves. More than half the Muslims polled favored Stoning unfaithful spouses. More than 60 percent of Muslims polled support executing any Muslim who leaves the faith (apostates).  I guess Hillary Clinton supporters have not learned that Islam means ‘submission’ (they think it means peace.). Hillary supporters also have not learned that “Allah Akbar” means ‘Allah is greater’ (Hillary cultists truly think it means ‘all gods are great’ or ‘the second amendment is evil’.).

    It is only a matter of time before Hillary Clinton supporters will blame Airplanes and Toxic masculinity for 9/11.  They probably will want stricter domestic violence laws to thwart further terrorist acts instead of surveillance of Mosques and a pause to Muslim migration.  Maybe we can pass stricter hate crime laws or more gender bathroom laws so no Muslim man will kill 49 innocent Americans attending a gay night club. Perhaps with Paul Ryan’s help we can force every angry, 25 year old, male Muslim immigrant being resettled in this country on the tax payer’s dime to watch the Matthew Shepherd musical in hopes of eradicating toxic masculinity.

    In the summer of 2011 my door was knocked on at 2am one steamy night in San diego. Two of my SEAL buddies were at the door and clearly shaken and distraught. They told me they needed to party at the highest levels and escape. I would later find out that 25 of their team members and a few men who I had met and partied with and trained with only months earlier were killed in the worst loss of American lives in a single Afghanistan campaign (Chinook scandal of 2011). For three days I sat with my buddies and let them grieve the way gladiators and gods of the arena do: absurd amounts of booze, strippers and recreational drugs intertwined with stories of praise and adulation for their fallen comrades. One common theme during those three days emerged from my two Seal buddies: it is time for these damn liberals to pull their heads out of their asses and wake the hell up on Islam and Muslims before our great country succumbs to the hell that is called the Middle East.

    I truly believe this Muslim terrorist and his apologists from the Democratic Party and liberal media have finally woken up the sleeping giant known as the Reagan Democrats. This November they will be voting in droves to put Donald Trump in office instead of Hillary Clinton and her fascist cultist supporters who think Domestic violence, homophobia and assault weapons are the gravest national security threats.

    Michael Karolchyk

    Michael Karolchyk is currently the CEO of Spartacus Strategies.Spartacus Strategies controls and operates the Personal training, branding and marketing of over 20 health clubs throughout the United States. Michael is the creator of Spartacus Strategies’ patented goddess program which has made more women SEXY goddesses than any other fitness program in the world.

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