• Jerome Hudson Calls Out Jessie Williams In A Big Way (VIDEO) – “If Black Lives Really Mattered To Jessie…”


    HOLY COW! Jerome Hudson delivers both barrels against Jessie Williams’ rant at the BET awards.

    Watch this video…and listen to a brilliant and powerful black man take a stand against the carnage that has spawned the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

    Hudson is a man among boys as he delivers a message that needs to be heard.

    Where were all the social justice warriors when all this carnage was taking place? They were not planning stop the violence rallies in gun control cities like Chicago. Oh NO! They were off climaxing all over their keyboards celebrating Jessie Williams’ speech as some sort of profile in courage, well it wasn’t.

    It was a perpetuation of cowardice, meanwhile, they were dozens, if not hundreds of families all across this country grieving the loss of life and those bodies, many of them black, were sent to the morgue by black killers.

    It would have been courageous for Jessie Williams to stand up in an auditorium full of affluent and influential black celebrities to challenge black men to marry the mothers of their children.

    It would have been courageous for Jessie Williams to challenge black people in gun control cities like Chicago to stop inflicting violence on one another, but no, Jessie Williams was too busy decrying the invention of whiteness and its perpetual oppression of black people.

    Listen up Jessie, and all you social justice warriors alike, it is not whiteness and racism that is the root cause of the carnage and self sabotage in black America.

    Yes, 50 years ago Jessie, it was white racists dressed in white hoods and members of the Ku Klux Klan who stalked and terrorized black neighborhoods, but today, it is us, Jessie, people who look like me and you who are terrorizing and stalking and killing our own people with heartbreaking regularity.

    So I challenge you, Jessie Williams, if black lives matter…truly…stop wallowing in black victimhood and handing guilt driven excuses to white liberals and join me in an effort to save as many black lives as we can.

    Drop mic.

    Jerome is the kind of man terribly needed in America. Sure, because he is black, but even more because he gets it. Young blacks need a brave man like this to look up to. They’ve been lied to and sold down the river by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    This is the future of black America and an inspiration to all…white, black, or mixed. A true blue American hero.


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