• “Strap A Saddle On That Thing!” You Gotta See This KING KONG Florida Gator Stroll The Links


    Fore! Time to let this guy play through!

    Holy Mother, Mary, and Joseph look at the size of that thing!

    This course has a lot more hazards than sand traps. Wow.


    PALMETTO, Fla. – No one ever said golfing was easy, but this Goliath gator surely didn’t make it any easier.

    Charles Helms posted this video to his Facebook page Wednesday, May 25, after seeing the enormous gator roaming the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto.

    The post has since made national news.

    “I was stunned and silent,” said Helms in a phone interview with ABC Action News.

    The Sarasota resident says he has never seen anything like the giant reptile.  Helms says it was so big, he didn’t even think it was real at first.

    Some estimate the gator to be in excess of 15 feet.

    If your ball goes in the water on that course…bye ball. You couldn’t get me near the edge!


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