• CA Lawmakers Quietly Exempt Themselves From Gun Laws

    The arrogance of the “one-party” state California General Assembly is staggering.

    A law for thee…but not for me!

    Even by California standards this is stunning. The lawmakers of the state love to write gun control laws. They love to give speeches about the need for strict gun laws. They love to enforce gun laws that restrict the average Californian from enjoying the Second Amendment rights they deserve.

    But….they don’t want those laws to apply them!

    In a vote of 28-8 California legislators passed a bill to exempt themselves from the gun laws they create.

    Make yourselves sheep, and the wolves will eat you. -Benjamin Franklin.

    The wolves of our day wear suits and call themselves Senators and Congressmen.

    From the Washington Times:

    The California state Senate voted 28-8 Wednesday to exempt itself from the pointless gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the populace. Legislators apparently think they alone are worthy to pack heat on the streets for personal protection, and the masses ought to wait until the police arrive.

    This is just one of many bills Golden State politicians used this legislative session to set themselves apart from the little people, the ones who pay their inflated salaries. Annual compensation for legislators averages about $140,000, not counting luxurious perks such as taxpayer-funded cars and free gasoline. By comparison, the average Californian earns $50,000 a year, and the unemployment rate is 11.9 percent – far above the national average. Exact salaries for state assemblymen and senators are obscured by the use of a “per diem” payment scheme that shelters a significant chunk of income from taxation.

    While they were busy freeing themselves of the oppressive gun control laws they imposed on the California citizenry…the good legislators took it upon themselves to give themselves a RAISE!

    How long will the people of California submit to tyranny?

    We shall see…as it is coming tho the entire country.

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