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  • COMMENTARY: Senator Cruz, My Sword Is Yours

    Reinvigorated.  That’s the only word I can use to describe my feelings after watching Ted Cruz speak at the RNC on Wednesday night.  Like many constitutionalists, conservatives, and libertarians, I’ve spent the past few months stewing in bourbon and despair at the fact that the Republican Party has been hijacked by a fraudulent Democrat, unsure of what to make of his Potemkin candidacy and the fiasco that has become our political system.  Deeply saddened by the sheer number of Trump cultists frothing and swearing how magnificent his robes are when he is clearly naked, I have been resigned to divest, withdraw, and watch it all burn from the comfort of my study.

    But last night showed me that we should not pen the requiem for our nation quite yet.  Senator Cruz’s speech was hopeful and articulated the true principles of conservatism; a flag in the sand starkly contrasting the talking-point variety peddled by the current nominee and his doddering sycophants.  I then recalled our founding fathers beseeching each other to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to one another for the idea of freedom and the blessings of Liberty.  Unfortunately, Americans today seem to value comfort over those principles.  My aforementioned resignation to MY “safe space” is testament to the strength of such temptation.

    As I sat swirling my drink, I hearkened back to General Washington rallying his troops at Valley Forge.  Tired, hungry, freezing, and unsure of victory, most of them doubtless wavered in the wisdom of pursuing their goals in the face of the mighty British Empire.  Surely they had more justification than I to abandon their cause and seek the creature comforts.  But it was about principle.  They endured because they BELIEVED in the righteousness of their cause.  Thanks be to them for their sacrifice, as we have benefited tremendously from it.  But I fear we lack the fortitude as a nation to ensure rightful liberty for our posterity.  Such dedication is alien to most modern Americans, simply because we are so far removed from that adversity and the spirit of defiance enmeshed within our national character.  We must regain it.

    Now, do not mistake this treatise as hero worship; a true conservative knows that the answers to our problems do not reside in a single man, despite the assertions of your garden-variety Trumpkin.  But THIS man, this lone Senator from Texas, has shown that virtue, honor, and courage still exist.  Value more the actions of he that has more to lose and risks it than he that has nothing to lose at all.  The easy path was to endorse a fraud.  The easy path was to validate the circus.  The easy path was to tell the thousands before him at the RNC the lie they wanted to hear, rather than the truth they needed to hear.  The easy path would have preserved his life and fortune, but irreparably stained his sacred honor.  That he chose the path less travelled and did what was right even though it was unpopular speaks volumes.

    The ensuing rage of the Trumpkins at this “betrayal” is also telling.  Standing there before the slithering mass of sellouts on the convention floor, Senator Cruz encouraged support for “voting one’s conscience,” those that would defend the Constitution and our shared values; not necessarily Republicans at this point.  But it goes deeper.  He told people to think for themselves, as “individuals,” not as part of a “collective” as the GOP Establishment and the Trump goons would have them do.  It is indeed a sad day when a man tells others to make up their own minds rather than be led as lemmings off a cliff and is essentially spat upon for doing so.

    The very essence of Republicanism is that the rights of the individual must be protected against the tyranny of the majority.  This week in Cleveland, with the roll call rules violations, intimidation and bullying of delegates, and stifling of dissent, has validated what I declared months ago; the time to excise the cancer within the party has passed.  It has consumed the patient and the GOP cannot be saved.  Bottom line, the problem was never that Cruz refused to compromise his principles, it’s that he made everyone else that backed Trump realize that they had compromised theirs.  In doing so, they’ve killed the party.

    GOP post-mortem aside, one could argue, ironically, that Senator Cruz may have saved the political system writ large by encouraging us (including rabid cynics like me) to continue to participate in the process, despite the apparent hopelessness of doing so.  The depth of that wisdom comes from the realization that when laws are no longer binding and the political process is shown to be a sham, that hopelessness begets violence.  Insights such as these are usually reserved for the prattling of historians hundreds of years after a society has collapsed; I offer them to you now.

    If these words have at all moved you, I ask you to join me.  If you are truly fed up with being betrayed, heed Senator Cruz’s words and vote your conscience.  Do what you feel is right, not what an angry mob or some party hack tells you.  They have no power but the power you give them.  Vote third party.  Write in a candidate.  Write in yourself.  But vote.  Receding in the face of this corruption allowed it to spread this far and brought us to this putrid state.  I say no more.  Call the banners, it’s time to fight.

    Greg Archetto

    Greg Archetto is a former State Department and Defense Department official who specializes in security cooperation issues in the Middle East. He was also foreign policy advisor to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in 2013-14. He has a BA in Political Science from Rowan University, MA in Public Policy/Administration from Rutgers University, and a MA in National Security/Strategic Studies from the US Naval War College. His previous publications are featured at The Washington Times, The Foreign Area Officers Association Journal,,,,,,, and his personal blog,

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