• Cop Killings In Dallas Should Mean The End For Black Lives Matter

    The cop killings in Dallas should be the end for the Black Lives Matter movement.

    No matter how lofty the goals at the beginning…the movement has crossed the line and is at risk of becoming a full-fledged terrorist group.

    Vanderbilt Professor Carol Swain (A black woman) weighs in via The Washington Times:

    A black law professor at Vanderbilt University believes last week’s cop killings at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas should signify the end of the movement, saying it’s a Marxist uprising that’s become a “very destructive force in America.”

    “It’s not really addressing the real problems affecting African Americans,” Carol Swain, a prominent Christian conservative, told CNN, Campus Reformreported. “It’s misleading black people. It needs to go.”

    She urged CNN viewers to go to the official Black Lives Matter organization’s website to read “what they’re really about.”

    “It’s pure Marxism; it talks about state violence, genocide; all of those are buzzwords that are quite destructive,” she said.

    Ms. Swain also condemned the media for rushing to judgment following the police shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

    “Videos don’t tell the entire story,” she said. “We have to look at the credibility of the witnesses, we need to not rush to judgment, and I find the media, they’re putting too much focus on the videos before we have the facts.”

    Vanderbilt was quick to disavow Ms. Swain’s comments as not the views of the University. Ms. Swain was attacked for her conservative stance, as the racist view is that all black people think alike and they think like a liberal. Ms. Swain obviously has a mind of her own and a spine to go with it.

    Ms. Swain defended her conservative views, writing on Facebook: “I will share my views as long as the media comes to me. I would do the nation a disservice if I simply parroted a predictable party line,” Campus Reform reported.

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