• Graphic Video Shows Killer Outflank Dallas Cop


    Graphic video footage shows a killer approach, what we assume to be one of the dead officers, from behind and execute him as he was taking cover behind a pillar.

    According to the Daily Caller:

    On the right side is a police officer, appearing to take cover behind a pillar while attempting take down a gunman. On the left side is the gunman himself. As the police officer tries to work his way around one side of the pillar, the gunman moves aggressively, running to the other side and catching the officer from behind. The officer is dropped by what appears to be several shots at extremely close range.

    Five officers were killed in last nights horrifying attack and eleven more wounded. At least three suspects are in custody and one is believed dead.

    God bless the men and women of the police force all across America.

    Those who died and were injured were faithfully doing their jobs. They were killed providing security for people to protest THEM. Unknown agents took that as a great opportunity to kill innocent cops.

    Dark days for America.

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