• STUNNER: Hillary’s Email Was LESS SECURE Than… Gmail

    Congressman Rod Blum (R-IA) may not be famous like Trey Gowdy, but he hits this line of questioning out of the park.

    Hillary’s troubles don’t seem to be going away just because she has the Clinton Machine bulldozing everyone in their path. FBI Director Comey conceded Hillary’s emails were less secure than Gmail and could have been hacked.

    Congressman Blum stated:

    My small Iowa business doesn’t even use Gmail, because it is not secure enough. I know some security experts in the industry. I checked with them. The going rate to hack into somebodies Gmail account is $129. For corporate email, they can be hacked for $500 or less. To hack into an IP address it’s around a hundred dollars.

    I’m sure the FBI can do it cheaper. This is the going rate.

    Director Comey are you implying that the private email servers of Secretary Clinton’s were less secure than a Gmail account that is used for free by a billion people around this planet?

    Director Comey answered…”Yes.”

    Carelessness is the least of our problems thanks to Hilary. People/agents could have actually died due to Hillary’s so called carelessness.

    Comey continues to trash Hillary:

    Blum: You don’t need to be a cat-burglar to hack into an email account and you don’t need a cloth to wipe a server clean. One would think that a former United States Senator, one would think that a former Secretary of State, would know this as well, would you agree?

    Comey: You would think…although as I said before one of the things I’ve learned in this case is that the Secretary may not have been as sophisticated as people assume. She didn’t even have a computer in her office at the State Department for example.

    Wow. Clinton doesn’t even have a computer in her office? How is that even possible in our day and age?

    Director Comey struggles to not say…Hillary is an idiot! No she doesn’t have a clue how a computer works, but that is kinda what he’s saying.

    So…a Hillary presidency would be like having your Grandma as President. Maybe Chelsea’s kid can help her set up an email account in the oval office!

    Congressman Blum doesn’t let up:

    Blum: Was her server hacked?

    Comey: I don’t know.

    Blum: That answer says to me it could have been hacked.

    Comey: Sure. Yeah.

    Blum: And if it was…potentially damaging material, damaging to Americas secrets, damaging to American lives, could have been hacked, could have been exposed. Lives could have been put at risk, if that server was indeed hacked.

    Comey: …there’s no doubt it would have exposed information that was classified and information is classified because it could damage the United States of America.

    Can anyone imagine giving this woman the launch codes?

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